Q1 My shipment arrived later than expected. Whom should I contact?

Please email us at care@befoundstudios.com. Our team will get back to you shortly on your delivery status!

Q2 Can I exchange or return items?

Please click here to view more details on returns.

Q3 Product is unsuitable. I have an allergic reaction. I need help!

If you've experienced an allergic reaction to one of our products, please contact us at care@befoundstudios.com
We will require the full details of your reaction -
1. Order Number
2. Full product name of item that caused reaction 
3. A detailed description of the symptoms experienced
4. Attached photos of the affected area
We will always recommend doing a patch test first before applying any new product all over the skin! Different skin type and conditions may react differently to a particular ingredient in a product. Please wash away immediately should you face any redness, stinging or abnormal sensation. Applying skincare should be comfortable.

Q4 Courier and postage does not work for me. I want to do self-collection.

Please email us at care@befoundstudios.com immediately once you have submitted your order. If your order is above SGD 80, we can arrange for pick up if your parcel has not be processed for delivery. We are located in the west.

Q5 I am not sure how to get started on the skincare products purchased! Can I get some help?

Please speak with us! Our team will guide you through :)

Q6 I am pregnant, and I am not sure if I can use any products on my face?

We will recommend checking with your gynaecologist before using any products purchased! BeFound will not be liable for any reaction of products used on the skin.

Q7 What are the payment options available?

MasterCard, Visa, Paynow 

Q8 What happens when nobody is around during delivery?

Please ensure that someone is home to receive your parcel. Delivery attempts will be made up to 2 times only. For rescheduling of the 3rd courier delivery, there will be an additional charge of SGD 8.

Alternatively, you may choose to arrange for a self-pickup in Singapore. Email care@befoundstudios to get in touch for such an arrangement.

Q9 Are your products authentic at BeFound?

Rest assured that our products sourced are 100% authentic. We source these products from suppliers who get their products from brand office in the originating countries. We bought them in quantities that allow us to get a good discount off the retail price. This allows us to sell them at a reasonable value to you.

Q10 I have received my parcel, but there are missing item(s)

Please contact us to let us know about the missing item(s). We will take 1-2 working days to retrieve the camera footage during packing to check that your item has been packed before sending it out. We sincerely apologise to you should there be an overlook on our end & we will mail the item out to you soonest possible. 

Q11 I will like to learn more about skincare. Where can I start?

At BeFound, we provide an educational skincare programs teaching you how to use specific ingredients for your skin concerns and needs. Click here to find out more!

Q12 I have good news, and I will like to give a review on the products used!

Yes, please! We will love to hear from you! Please write an email to us on our contact page! Click here!

Q13 Is glass product safe to do shipping?

Rest assured, all products are tightly bubble wrapped to give protection to the products during delivery. 

If you have any questions that we did not cover in the FAQ above, you may write to us at care@befoundstudios.com!